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ow did it all start?

Once upon a time.... There was a kid in Holland who started keeping Bombina orientalis (Fire bellied toads). From that moment on, I was hooked to reptiles.
I started keeping these guys back in 2000 and since then, every single day of my life has been reptile related.

Soon after the toads came some lizards. Offcourse, I started with simple and widely imported species such as Anolis carolinensis (Green anole) and Takydromes sexlineatus. Back then, I did not know these guys where imported!

After that, my parents got me a pair of Thamnophis sirtalis parietalis (Red sided gartersnakes). From that moment on, everything went downhill. I was addicted to reptiles!
One thing led to another and more and more species came...
I started visiting reptileshows and met lots of wonderfull people who shared interest in the most amazing animals in the world.


The herp room

I love reptiles. We like to watch them, see them interact, see them feed, grow, shed and just do their thing.

All enclosures at Crazyreptiles have glass sliding doors and all are currenly being REBUILD! Due to moving homes, I'm currently constructing TWO entirely new reptile rooms. One will be a python / baby room (NO BALLS) and one will be filled with adults..... garters, antaresia, morelia and who knows what else...........


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